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Get MAMALICIOUS now for a Sexy Body after Baby

What can pregnant hot mama’s like Halle Berry and Fergie do to stay mamalicious?  Move that blossoming body frequently!

Exercise is essential for you and your growing baby  - and not only because it makes you feel good. A good workout routine will improve your stamina, circulation and endurance.  For a lot of new moms, pregnancy is like a built-in excuse to fall off the health wagon.  But getting your body back after pregnancy is a huge challenge when you add the care of a newborn baby.  Start taking care of your body now, and rock that maternity-wear with simple, bold moves designed to strengthen and open your hips, keep your back strong, your chest toned, and your limbs supple and firm.   

Remember: this is not the time to attempt a new sport, perform any exercise with the risk of falling, or to jump up and down.  Also, pay careful attention to your range- of- motion in all of these exercises; an increase in joint laxity is common at different stages of pregnancy and after.  

*Always check with your doctor before beginning a new fitness routine.

It’s important to perform a proper warm-up before starting this workout.  Why?  You are changing every day as the baby grows.  Tuning in to your breath and body will prepare you for an effective, focused and safe workout. BTW, you can find guided follow-alongs to several great warm-ups on our website The Prime

Standing Warm-up – 30 seconds of each

Neck Jive: Retract your chin and bring chin to chest. Lift your chin and look up at the ceiling. Repeat this movement for 30 seconds. Next, retract your chin and bring your right ear to your right shoulder, then your left ear to your left shoulder. Repeat this movement for 30 seconds. TIP:  Parallel feet, shoulders down, pelvis gently tucked.

Chest Hula: Move your ribcage forward-and-up, and back-and-up. Repeat for 30 seconds. Next, slide your ribcage side-to-side, keeping your pelvis stable. Repeat for 30 seconds. TIP: Keep your shoulders down throughout the movement.

Chasing Shoulders: Clasp hands in front of you, keep your elbows soft and Circle your right shoulder down, back, up and forward in a smooth motion, “chased” by left shoulder). Repeat this movement for 30 seconds in each direction. TIP: Keep your shoulders pressed down throughout the movement.

Pelvic Play: Tuck your tailbone and press hips forward. Extend your hips back and reach towards floor. Repeat for 30 seconds. TIP: As you tuck your tailbone and press it forward, squeeze your glutes to protect your back. Next, move your pelvis side-to-side, without rotating your hips, for another 30 seconds.

Ankle Arcs(Simple point/flex and pronate/supinate ankle movement): Extend your right leg in front, and lock your knee. Point your right toe and flex back. Repeat for 30 seconds. Next, roll the sole of your right foot inward and outward. Repeat for another 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Workout Circuit

Perform 30 seconds of each of these six exercises, non-stop, one after the other.

Rest for one minute after each round. Start with 3 rounds, 3x per week.

After the first week – increase to 5 rounds 3x per week. You can set a timer with on-going 30 second intervals. Use a stable chair for added security.

Bottom-out Squat Stand with your feet hip-width apart and parallel. Lower to a squat position by reaching the hips back and keeping the spine long. Reach forward for counter-balance. Stand and repeat for 30 seconds.

Squat Position 1Squat photo 2

Rotate This is a lower body rotational movement. Start on your hands and knees with your hips and shoulders at the same level, and your knees elevated and spread wide. You will be in a four-point position with equal weight on all four limbs, flat back. Hook your right foot over your left ankle and drop your right hip by pivoting on your left foot and aiming the hip towards your right elbow.  Keep your arms locked and shoulders positioned directly over your hands throughout the movement. Return to four-point position and repeat on the right. Alternate sides and repeat for 30 seconds

Rotate Photo 1Rotate photo 2Rotate photo 3

Russians This is a side lunge with an extra movement.  Start with legs wide, feet parallel, toes pointed forward. Lower yourself into a side lunge, keeping your knee over your ankle. From that low position, rotate your toes towards the ceiling, then back to the floor.  Press back to standing. Alternate sides and repeat for 30 seconds.  Reach back with the hips to keep strain out of your knees.

Russian Photo 1Russian photo 2Russian photo 3

Table Sit with hands behind you, shoulder-width apart, fingers pointed forward.  Place feet hip-width apart, press hips up, keep knees over ankles. Push off mid foot.  Lower to floor and repeat.

Table Photo1Table photo 2

Rocca Press Start in a wide Down Dog position on the balls of your feet. Keep your back flat,belly drawn in (yes I know that will be challenging) and quads locked and lower top of head to the floor by bending the elbows back at a 45 degree angle.  Press up and repeat for 30 seconds.  If this is too difficult of hurts your shoulders, perform a modified push up for 30 seconds.

Lunge Start in a lunge position, shoulders over hips, feet hip width apart, knees locked, on the ball of the back foot. Lower back knee toward ground, and be sure front knee does not travel forward of front ankle.  Lower as close to floor as possible while maintaining excellent form. 

Lunge photo 1Lunge Photo 2











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