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Joyful Girl Fitness Q&A with Jolie

Jolie Kobrinsky

Catherine Meredith of Joyful Girl Fitness recently interviewd Jolie.  

Click here to read it at Joyful Girl Fitness


Or, here is the full copy of the informative interview:

In my daily search for the Next Cool Thing in fitness, I discoveredThe Prime Method.    The program, the brainchild of two experienced trainers, focused on three pillars of fitness - movement, mind, and munch. It has attracted several big names, including supermodel Veronica Webb.  The website offers personalized nutrition and workout plans and, for the premium membership, live streaming of the classes at the Prime Method's headquarters.   I was intrigued by the concept and decided to shell out for a full membership.  

I enjoyed it so much I decided to reach out to principle Jolie Kobrinsky to ask a few questions about The Prime Method.   She graciously joined me for an enlightening Q&A.


Tell me about yourself and your partner.  How did each of you come to dedicate yourselves to a career in fitness.

I was always passionate about health and fitness as a part of a well-rounded life.  When I moved to Northern California from Los Angeles and left my career in film and television, I decided to pursue it full time. I suppose the transition from acting was natural, considering I believe the body is an expression of our state of mind, our inner self. If we set physical goals and achieve them, we have a palpable experience of human potential -  and the sky’s the limit. I initially started as a spinning instructor and met my business partner, Jennifer DeVilliers, who was already the top trainer in our area. After she coached me in my first triathalon, she encouraged me to become a personal trainer full time, and eventually it led to starting a business together - Prime Personal Training.  Jen's background was in interior design, and she funneled her talents for layout, proportion, functionality and aesthetics into working with bodies. Her greatest joy comes from motivating, inspiring and empowering people to build a stronger, healthier body and mind. 

What gets you going and what keeps you going?

I suppose at this point, it's perpetual motion. And I'm not being cheeky, but after teaching and promoting the overall benefits of movement, healthy eating, stress   reduction and recovery, I've come to discover there is no other choice.

What is your daily personal fitness routine?

It varies depending on if I'm preparing for a certification race, or working on a movement skill. In general, I do joint mobility every day with my clients, teach a vigorous bootcamp three times a week for our Livestream class that you can see on our website, The Prime, and I follow our online regime.

What do you personally emphasize in your fitness regime?  Balance?  Strength?  Cardio?

I favor bodyweight training, gymnastic rings, Kettlebells and clubbells.  And following our method, you don't need to call out balance, strength or cardio as separate pursuits: every workout has elements of each woven seamlessly in to it.  My cardio conditioning has do do with the intensity and speed within a given movement, and is enhanced by the sophistication of the movements.

Tell me about The Prime Method. What was the inspiration for it?  What problem were you solving with the program?

That is such a great question.  In March of 2011, we realized our small training studio - Prime, in Monterey, CA,  was not big enough for the fitness audience we wanted to reach. We combined our love of fitness, nutrition, and media and began work on an all age, all gender, all level training system that delivers optimal training, nutrition and lifestyle online. We were motivated by the needs of our clients, many who travel, have small children or like to workout in the privacy of their home. The Prime Method incorporates all of the primal, effective exercises they train with everyday, a wholesome eating plan with nutrient dense choices, a strategy for stress and sleep management and the ability to calendar and track for maximum success. 

Tell me about some of the successes you've seen with The Prime Method.

There are so many its hard to choose, but I have a client who started training our program three years ago.  She is seventy-five now,  and not only has improved her strength and balance, but has measurably gained muscle and lost body fat.  She is not just fit for someone of her age,  she is more fit than she has ever been in her life.

I bought a membership to The Prime Method and tried the Athens workout. I enjoyed it and thought some of the exercises were very innovative.   Who designs the workouts?

We were inspired by many of our coaches, and by our shared extensive backgrounds in many different modes of training. Our program also has elements we learned from yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, Triathalon training, EKG, Dare to Evolve, etc. Jen and I took from what we found were the most effective, safest and simplest to teach to a wide audience, and made sure each workout was well-rounded.  As you might have discovered, you can find four levels of each exercise in each workout so in case of de-conditioning or injury you can still find a level that is right for you. 

How do you motivate someone who is just starting out with fitness?

We ask questions, listen, and help people realize that they can make dramatic changes in all aspects of their health with daily focus.

Do you have a favorite exercise?

My favorite exercises vary, but since you mentioned our Athens workout, I'd say follow a 28 day cycle on our website, with all of the periodization, and you will achieve measurable improvements in all of your various parts.  Plus, you can do it anywhere, anytime, with no needed equipment.  Consistency and a good plan are the most important factors in changing your body composition - not necessarily individual exercises.  And if I had to pick exercise with a tool, I would say either a pull up or a Kettlebell swing for overall effectiveness.

How can average folks who don't think of themselves as athletic be more active?

Just walk every day.  There are studies that show twenty minutes of walking can dramatically improve your fitness.  Also, find a good teacher, latch on to the energy of a fit friend, or find a movement class.  Or look at our superior website - we teach you everything one step at a time.

What do you think is next for the fitness industry?

We are. Self-driven fitness programs with support from master trainers.  Taking charge of your own health and wellness and developing your capacity for improvement by studying, reflecting, and persevering.  Blending the benefits of joint health, balance, cardiovascular fitness, and movement intelligence into every workout, the Prime Method way.  

What's next for The Prime Method?

Stay tuned!  We are constantly innovating and refining our website.  

Thank you Jolie! 








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