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Ordinary Woman - Extraordinary Focus: THE PRIME METHOD IN 24 HOURS


IMAGE: Co-founder/Creator of The Prime Method, Jolie Kobrinsky doing the signature bodyweight workout “ATHENS” in her kitchen, in her pajamas.

5:30 A.M: I wake up about the same time every day even on the weekends. And it’s early. I sleep well and wake without an alarm clock. The first thing I do is squeeze half an organic Meyer lemon into a glass of water to get my digestion going. I keep a bag of frozen, fresh squeezed lemon in cube portions in the freezer for when I don’t have fresh. But fortunately where I live, I can get lemons year round.

5:35 A.M: I turn on my computer, which is located next to the kitchen and go to my Prime Method DASHBOARD to see my WORKOUT for the day. If I have time, I write for up to 30 minutes. If I don’t, I roll out my mat in the center of the kitchen. I put on my sweats, if I remember to bring them downstairs, but you’ll often find me working out in my pajamas. Everyday starts with a WARM UP. It’s my personal favorite even though I love a super hard workout. But the mobility I’ve gained has been a game changer for me. I put my headset on so I don’t wake my boys upstairs, and follow along to the video. I feel the WARM UP connects my mind and body, obliges me to focus on breath and posture, and sets me up for whatever the day holds. Because The Prime Method waves through 4 types of training intensities, it may be all I have for the day – that’s why it works for me. It’s a routine with variation. I can accomplish it with the knowledge that I’m building strength and recovering properly with each day. But today it’s WARM UP, WORKOUT and COOLDOWN on a TYPE 4 DAY – the highest intensity. Game face on, for the WORKOUT because I feel so great I’m going to push my comfort zone. I’ve decided to do all of the moves at the MEGA level, so I quickly review the trainer’s tips to be sure I understand what’s expected. I’m following ATHENS workout for this particular cycle. I love how the timer and following someone else keeps me going. Today my pace is faster than the trainer’s – which makes me feel tough. Finished strong and totally sweaty, I go to the TRACK YOUR WORKOUT section, and put in the EFFORT, FORM and DISCOMFORT values for the day. This part is essential – and even though it’s subjective, I have developed a keen sense of self-awareness and have been able to avoid injury because of it. I follow this with another glass of water (that’s 2 towards my daily total of at least 8 for the day).

6:30 A.M: It’s coffee (1 cup, organic, black), breakfast and green smoothie preparation time. The whole process is accompanied by music. It’s reggae or rock to keep us inspired. If it’s a weekday, my husband and son are downstairs now, so this is where the routine I’ve developed has made me so time efficient. Breakfast is spinach and eggs cooked in coconut oil. As I cook, I cram into the blender the ingredients to make my morning smoothie: greens, flavors, fats, and super foods. Along with the daily joint mobility, it’s the other game changer for me. My skin, my digestion, my constant energy and the knowledge that I’ve got the healthiest possible snack available has made this preparation a daily ritual with visible results. I quickly pack last night’s leftovers (tri-tip and sweet potatoes), a bag of raw nuts (I’m into Brazil nuts these days because of the Selenium – but it varies), and a bag of pre-washed greens, pour my smoothie into two Ball jars - one for my husband, and pack lunch for my son. Because I’m focusing on my water consumption, I always bring my stainless steel water bottle everywhere I go. It holds 3 servings, so if I fill it twice I’m golden.

7:00 A.M: I’ve condensed my showering, grooming and dressing time down to 20 minutes. I can’t lollygag. I strip, dry brush and shower in 5 minutes. We use Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap. I moisturize and sunblock my face, and dress in my work uniform: Lululemon pants, sports bra, a Prime Method tee-shirt, and socks. Honestly, I’m in the car at 7:20 A.M.

8:30 A.M: I arrive at work, in most cases, for my first of four clients back-to-back. I sip on my green smoothie throughout the morning to stave off hunger and keep me focused. My work involves movement and constant attentiveness. If I have a space in the morning, It’s phone calls, scheduling, meetings, and emails.

1:00 P.M: Lunch finally! Here’s where my advanced prep always pays off. I sit at my desk and eat during a meeting. I keep olive oil, sea salt and apple cider vinegar at work for an instant salad dressing. Pile the greens on a paper plate, top with meat and sweet potato, sprinkle with dressing and I’m done. My personal challenge is to slow down my eating, chew every bite, and relax my nervous system. It’s very counter productive to eat beautiful food quickly and without properly chewing. My doctor said I was not absorbing all of the nutrients. I have one more cup of water to add to the day, log on to The Prime Method at work, and here is where I track my food and water for the day up to this point. It’s easier to track at least once during the day. If I have time, I track my sleep from last night, and my state of mind. By now I can determine my emotional temperature.

3:00 P.M: Errands, grocery shopping and school pick-up keep me busy till I arrive home. I keep a cooler in the car for perishables, as well as grocery bags. I also keep a bag of nuts and some Prime Method approved fruit in the car. I’m ready for a snack at about 4:00.

5:30 P.M: I cook simple, plant rich dinners in large quantities so I can have leftovers. This time of day we play mellow music, like Jobim, or Pink Martini. A green salad, protein, another vegetable and a healthy grain accompany each dinner we have. I refer to the meals and recipes on The Prime Method website – even though I’m familiar with them. At this time of day, I need a little guidance to keep me inspired. My husband grills the meat, my son sets the table and I cook and do food prep. If I can swing it, I get my son to peel and chop the vegetables with me. I find if he’s involved, he’s more inclined to eat them.

6:30 P.M: Time for clean up, laundry, list making for tomorrow, and a final MUNCH tracking. Here is where habit has paid off: I can see in my REPORTS section, because of advanced prep, I’ve managed to get in all my requirements for the day. And when I see my report (which I usually check mid-week) I can tell I’m on track towards 100% mastery of my health and fitness.

8:00 P.M: While my husband reads to my son, I watch some TV while I foam roll my calves and hips. I keep the roller under the TV so I don’t forget. I watch Project Runway and wait for my husband to come downstairs so we can catch up on Downton Abbey together. This has unfortunately given me servant and staff fantasies I can’t seem to conquer.

9:30 P.M: Bedtime. I wash my face, brush and floss, moisturize my feet and hands, and crawl into bed. Every time I’m horizontal I’m thrilled by how good it feels. I often fall asleep reading on my ipad (my husband has to pry it from my sleep-grip). Although I alternate between fiction and non-fiction, I’m currently immersed in The Brain That Changes Itself. And sometimes I’ll refer back to a passage in another book I love to inspire my writing and bloging.

Habit is created by a routine, a reward, and a cue. You can unlock the mystery of habits, make a study of your patterns, and put in place a plan to manifest the change you want to embrace.

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