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The Prime Method Creators - Jen and Jolie

Picture: Jennifer Devilliers and Jolie Kobrinsky - The Creators of The Prime Method

“Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us”. Albert Schweitzer

You Know Who You Are

In deep gratitude to the long line of mentors, teachers and coaches that have guided and inspired us past, present and future, I’d like to shine a little light on ourselves and on the genesis of our website, The My amazing team assembled what we believe to be most essential for creating, supporting and maintaining a robust, intelligent state of health. The Prime Method evolved out of how we eat, move and think, and how we coach our clients and students to great success at Prime Personal Training in Monterey, California (since January 1, 2009), where our focus is on building strong, mobile, functional and balanced human beings.

As business owners, we needed to create a way to give excellent support to our clients while travelling or at home. The question we asked ourselves was, how do we honor what we know to be effective training in our own way, and make it beautiful and useful for our clients? The membership based website we developed offers fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programming for different ages, genders levels, all at the user’s convenience.  To everyone who knows us personally, there is no question Jennifer DeVilliers and I (Jolie Kobrinsky) share a passion for enhancing human potential of all kinds. There is no question we are devoted, hardworking, community orientated, ethical women, mothers and wives and friends. We actively support our business team, our teachers, coaches and peers and have entertained them at Prime and in our homes.

The Prime Method and Joe Wilson


Picture: Joe Wilson at The Prime Method Studio in Monterey, CA


It’s Prime Time

It is important to know that Jen and I love being strong and healthy and fit! And I’m a bridge builder. My passion is in maintaining balance and creating connections between the many skills I possess: creative expression, filmmaking, writing, community and physical health.  I believe the healthy body as an expression of an individual’s spirituality. In March of 2011, we realized our small training studio Prime in Monterey, California was not big enough for the fitness audience we wanted to reach. We combined our love of fitness, nutrition, and media and began work on an all age, all gender, all level training system that delivers optimal training, nutrition and lifestyle online. We were motivated by the needs of our clients, many who travel, have small children or like to workout in the privacy of their home. The Prime Method incorporates all of the primal, effective exercises they train with everyday, a wholesome eating plan with nutrient dense choices, a strategy for stress and sleep management and the ability to calendar and track for maximum success. 

The Prime Method and Ulisses


Picture: Ulisses Jara and Ramona at the Prime Method Studio

Along with my business partner Jen, who brings a wealth of training, nutrition and health knowledge from more than 20 years of training, we realized we had something special if we could put all of the pieces put together. Cut to early April 2012, when the brilliant Elisa Hills of Empresa Business Development walked in the door, and along with the savvy business skills of her partner Erika Penner began the monumental task of branding and developing and managing what has become The Prime Method. One of our major coups was finding Caroline Harrison of The Hive Studios. This incredibly gifted filmmaker lives just up the street from us at Prime. She helped craft the look of The Prime Method for our films and photos. Just recently we’ve been delighted by the addition of Camron Wilson, a phenomenal fitness coach, business wiz and marketing expert. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the devoted Prime Method Team. And like everything else that happened from March of 2011 to today, it all just works.

The Prime Method and Empresa

Picture: Erika, Elisa, Jolie and Jen

What Makes Us Special?

The creation of The Prime Method is proof of its efficacy. The way I see the possibilities in every moment, the potential in every client, and the connectivity of my resources: all of this is a result of living The Prime Method. As a trainer, you realize that who you are is your resume. People buy you. So you have to walk your talk. I’m certain that The Prime Method is a valid solution for anyone trying to improve his or her health, vitality, and capacity.


What Exactly Is The Prime Method?

The Prime Method is a comprehensive fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching platform that incorporates our personal insights drawn from many different modalities, and is inspired by over 25 combined years of study, course work, teachers, coaches, and certifications. We offer the best of what we know so our clients can access it.

Here is Jolie and Jen’s combined education list (partial, and in no particular order):

ACE: Certified Personal Trainer

NASM: Certified Personal Trainer

C.H.E.K. Institute: Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Certification  

C.H.E.K. Institute: High Performance Swiss Ball Training

C.H.E.K. Institute: Corrective Exercise High-Performance Kinesiology

C.H.E.K.Institute:Scientific Back, Core Conditioning & Program Design

RMAX: Circular Strength Training Instructor

RMAX: TACFIT Instructor/Coach

National Strength and Conditioning Association: CPT

USA Triathlon Association: Certified Coach, Level I & Level II

Yamuna Body Rolling: Self-Myofascial Release Certification, Level II

US Water Fitness Association: Water Fitness Instructor 

Monterey Peninsula College: Anatomy & Kinesiology Course

Monterey Peninsula College; Massage Practitioner

Monterey Institute of Touch: Assistant Instructor for Massage

Egoscue: Pain, Posture, & Performance

Gyrotonic: Gyrotonic Expansion System, Foundation Course

Gold Medal Bodies: Rings I, Floor I, Parallettes I

Wolf Fitness Systems: EKG Evolution Kettlebell Ground

Martial Matters: Will Chung

Flow Box: Brandon Jones

Unsi Tradition Natural Healing: Reiki Practitioner 1st & 2nd Degree

Vladimir Janda, MD: Posture & Muscle Form Assessment

IDEA Rehabilitation Seminar: Gait Analysis & Rehabilitation

Tudor Bompa, PhD: Periodization, Therapy & Methodology of Training

MADD Dog Athletics; Spinning Instructor

Motherwell Maternity Health & Fitness: Maternity Fitness Certification

ECA Miami: STOTT Pilates Matt & Reformer Workshop

Total Immersion: Freestyle & Backstroke by Terri Laughlin

North East Seminars, Physical Therapy:

Diane Lee: The Pelvis, Restoring Function & Relieving Pain

Diane Lee: The Thorax, Restoring Function & Relieving Pain

Symposium on Functional Training and Rehabilitation  

Wilk: Evaluation & Treatment of the Knee & Shoulder


Our Amazing Coaches and Teachers

The Prime Method, John Wolf and Ryan Hurst

When we came to Moorpark in the summer of 2010 for our first CST certification, our lives changed forever for the better in many ways. We found a home - and a launchpad for a new vision. The humans Scott Sonnon and his team brought together, shoulder to sweaty shoulder, are the kind of maverick, intelligent, strong and loving tribe we will forever be a part of: John Wolf  and his Pack: our mentors at Wolf Fitness Systems, Shane Heins, Joe Wilson, Camron Wilson, Ryan Murdock, Daniel Spencer, Ryan Hurst, Jarlo Illano, Brandon Jones, Will Chung, Alberto Galazzi, and many more (partial list and in no particular order).

Picture: John Wolf, Jen and Ryan Hurst

The Prime Method and Shane HeinsPicture: Shane Heins and Jolie

The platform we have created shares elements of all of these coaches and systems, but the exercise selection and progressions are designed for an entirely different demographic. Our program also has elements we learned from yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, Triathalon training, EKG, Dare to Evolve, etc. The overriding concept includes the three “pillars” of movement, nutrition and lifestyle we call MOVE, MUNCH and MIND and includes a user-friendly tracking feature for feedback and increased adherence. Because of unique concerns as women, we also emphasize hormone balancing, sleep and stress management and blending everything you do in the context of a full, happy, vital, vibrant community-oriented life.

The Prime Method Philosophy

We believe that to achieve radiant health and superior fitness you need dig deep and focus careful attention in three areas: intelligent movement, vital nutrition and a vibrant but peaceful state of mind. Our method takes the guesswork out and provides you with an organized plan to follow and track in these three key areas.  If you can’t have a personal trainer because of logistics, time or money, this is a solution.  With the tracking feature you can unlock the mystery of habits, make a study of your patterns, and put in place a new way to manifest changes you want to embrace for the long haul. 

Picture: Jolie, Scott Sonnon and Jen

The Prime Method and Scott SonnonBody School is in Session

The Prime Method was founded on the idea that true health is possible for all of us at any stage in our lives, but it is not a quick fix. The only way to get better at something is to study it, practice it, fail and try again.  We urge our clients and members to become students of their bodies and health.  Once started, self-awareness and self-discipline get firm along with everything else and the sky’s the limit.  Fitness trends come and go, but what will never be outdated is building a keen sense of self, and the skills to drive your own wellness. We are thrilled about the positive impact are having creating value, fulfilling purpose.  We hope to continue to connect, serve and empower an ever-expanding spectrum of people, including royalty.

The Prime Method and Prince Albert of Monaco






Picture: Jolie and Jen with Prince Albert of Monaco








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