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Q: I have access to almost any equipment and classes at my gym. What’s different about your program?

It's body school:  we teach you how to manage and maintain your health with all of the support and expertise we have in our bag of tricks.  We give you a map and teach you to follow it.  Waiting in line for equipment that isn’t designed for your shape and size, and moving in pre-designated ranges of two–dimensional movement is incredibly limiting.  We provide you with a clear strategy behind every workout so you can workout anywhere, anytime – just use the yoga or stretching room at your gym.  What's unique about the Prime Method is how we guide you to create a specific intention behind everything you do for your health - your movement, nutrition and lifestyle.  We focus less on which equipment you use and more on knowing how to move your body in all planes/directions.

Q: I want to lose weight. How soon can I see results?

Results vary, but if you follow the plan with 100% adherence, you’ll see vitality results immediately.  And vitality is the first shift to a greater capacity.  If you feel better tomorrow, you’ll move better and look better tomorrow and the days following.  But your perseverance is key. This means you MOVE, MUNCH and MIND according to our recommendations – including tracking every day.

Q: It’s been years since I’ve worked out and I’m out of shape. Will I be able to keep up?

The Prime Method is customized to your individual needs, regardless of age, gender or fitness level. The exercises are shown with four levels of difficulty, so you can modify according to your conditioning.  Some of our clients who are recovering form illness or injury work on just the WARM UP and COOLDOWN portions until they feel strong enough to begin the actual WORKOUT.  Our main goal is to keep you out of pain and feeling better at the end of every session.


Q: Is membership month to month or would I need to make a multi-month commitment?

You can join for as long as you like - although we require adequate notice on cancellation (30 days). The website membership is designed to be ongoing – just like your commitment to your health.  We will regularly continue to bring you inspirational, cutting-edge content. Our goals for 2013 are ambitious and more genius than ever before.


Q: You recommend eating every 2-3 hours. Why is this important?

One of the reasons our weight loss can plateau is because of the confusing messages we send to our bodies regarding fuel.  There are lots of current studies that show simply focusing on the time you eat can have as much impact on weight loss and vitality renewal as what you are eating.  We’d like you to do both for the best results.  Woven into our program is mindfulness. The daily attention to the small details like when and what to eat, when to snack and how much water to drink all culminate in a shifting focus to fueling for performance and longevity.

Q: And if I work out first thing, should I eat before or after my workout?

Everybody has individual needs based upon lifestyle, habit and resources, but if you work out early, it’s best to prepare one of our smoothies to have ready for when you’re done with your workout and then eat a proper breakfast during the first snack time slot.

Q: Why should I eat within a half hour of waking?

Eating within an hour of waking jump starts your metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar levels, giving you steady energy throughout the day – no dips and peaks.

Q: I eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast – will this work on your plan?

We are steering you towards a savory versus a sweet breakfast, as well as a balanced breakfast of proteins/vegetables/starches/fats. Although oatmeal is healthy (organic, steel cut please) having it every day is not.  Try one day having eggs and vegetables, the next day a grain cereal  (millet is amazing as a breakfast) with coconut butter and stevia or xylitol and fruit, the next day a yogurt parfait with fruit and nuts, the next day one of our smoothies,  and the next day dinner leftovers. Keep this rotation going and you’ll instantly upgrade your energy and health.

Q: What if I don’t like to eat grains/starches?

There are conflicting views about the need for starch in our diets, and the argument that early man did not eat grains so therefore we don’t need them has been at the forefront of this thinking. Again, we stress balance. Keep in mind there are tons of essential vitamins and nutrients in grains.  We’ve carefully selected choices that give you tremendous nutrition.

Eat the recommended servings a day from the approved list along with the proteins, vegetables and fats. Keep it whole grains, not processed.  We all need starch. Starch choices like millet, yams and legumes from the approved list will fuel your body and brain and give you energy for your workouts.  If weight loss is your goal and you’re not seeing results, let us know and we can adjust your daily portions.

Q: What is the reason behind your fruit selections? Why no bananas?

The fruits we chose to be on the Prime Method list are all low glycemic (so low sugar), high fiber and have high nutrient density. There is nothing wrong with bananas, they just have slightly more sugar causing your blood sugar to spike first thing in the morning. We avoid them in the smoothies for the same reason. Think of steering yourself towards melons, berries, apples, etc. (and other choices on our list).

Q: What if I get hungry throughout the day?

Transitions can be difficult. The meals that we’ve given you are packed with hunger- fighting whole grains and fatty acids to keep you feeling fuller. If you find yourself getting hungry try drinking some extra water. Sometimes when we feel hungry it’s just our body telling us that we are dehydrated. If the water doesn’t help, have some low- glycemic fruit such as berries, pears, apples or oranges. Or, if you’re starving, send us an email you may need to add an extra serving of protein or starch to your high intensity workout days.

Q: I eat healthy already. How is your nutrition plan different?

Although you may be a healthy eater, we emphasize fueling for performance, and food as medicine.  No processed foods, no additives, no preservatives, no added sugars. We believe in balance. Never hungry, never full, eating fresh, seasonal and, if possible local, which means you’re getting more life energy from the food to your body. When your nutrition is in balance, your body finds its ideal weight, your skin has a natural glow, and your energy remain high and stable throughout the day.


Q: What about Cardio?

Try one of our workouts.  They way we designed the intervals and the addition of intensity waving will provide you with a tremendous cardiovascular response. If you are following our Rate of Perceived Exertion recommendations, you will work aerobically and anaerobically several times a week.

Q: I work out hard with weights 5 times a week, and also run on the treadmill for my cardio after every workout. How will The Prime Method be enough?

The only way to really know is to try. Give our plan 28 days and you’ll see for yourself.  Many of our clients have discovered that they are not making gains because of over-training and perpetual injury. If your desire is to become stronger, leaner more flexible and agile, surrender to our method and discover that more is not better – better is better.  We also emphasize movement skill, breath control and posture and balance with each movement – using a scalpel instead of an axe.

Q: What is the purpose of the Four Day Types (I II III IV)?

As you know, our bodies adapt very easily to routine and we often stop seeing results. If every workout has the same value and the same intention of “get 'er done” you will always plateau.  By waving your intensities, and having the specific goals of NO, LOW, MODERATE and HIGH intensity workout days, you can recover fully and hit it even harder the next time.  Specific intention gives you specific results, random yields random results.


Q: Why do I have to journal daily?

If you’ve been spinning your wheels for a long time, going up and down in weight, never gaining strength or greater flexibility, this is the key to success. The record of your achievements and struggles provides valuable information for us to tailor the Prime Method to your needs.

Q: Why daily tracking?

We believe if it isn’t measured, it isn’t managed. When you track in the three columns of MOVE, MUNCH and MIND every day, you’ll get a visual chart of what your progress is. It will intrinsically motivate you in the right direction.  If you really want the benefits of a personal trainer and coach at the fraction of the cost, you need to follow our plan and track movement, nutrition and lifestyle factors daily.  Self-reflection is the greatest tool for changing bad habits into good ones and creating lasting health improvements.